Tyranny of Dragons

Altar of Evil

Mines of Phandelver



Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• Restore the altar to Oghma at Cragmaw Castle


Received: 75
Total: 2015


+ quarter staff
+ 5 spears
+ 4 longswords
+ 3 morning stars
+ 2 great swords
+ golden chalice
+ golden knife
+ golden censer
+ golden statue of elf

Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Afternoon
○ Having defeated the goblins, our heroes start to explore the mostly empty castle in search of Lhupo and the desecrated altar.
○ Harbek channels the divinity of the god of hobos and some of the wounds on Rosco knit back together. He then mumbles a prayer to the same god and a warm yellow glow flows from his hands on to Rosco and the rest of his wounds heal. Praises be to Marhammor Duin, god of hobos!!
○ Ogapo boldly strides in to the main hall and as he picks his way through rubble, he stumbles over what he thinks is a rock, but turns out to be a tripwire and the ceiling falls down on top of him. Mr. Noodle flits out of the way and only a small portion of the ceiling strikes the quasit.
○ Ogapo mentions the rest might want to watch out for the ceiling while Rosco listens for sounds of movement.
○ Looking around the room, Ogapo realizes this would have been the main entrance hall of the castle. There is rubble strewn everywhere and the main doors are broken off their hinges.
○ As Ogapo stands, he sends Mr. Noodle forward in to the open doors to scout around.
○ In the first room Mr. Noodle enters, he finds some rubble and a functioning arrow slit which would provide a good field of fire covering the entrance. Other than the debris, some black arrows are found.
○ In the next, large room, they find rotten grain and barrels of stale ale and soured wine. They also discovered a chain mail shirt, a crossbow, and a long sword with an emblem of Neverwinter worked in to the hilt.
○ As the rest of the group catches up to Mr. Noodle they recognize the armor and sword as belonging to Sildar.
○ While Rosco continues to search the room with the rotten supplies, Mr. Noodle heads in to another room where he fines several straw pallets and several weapons on the wall. The weapons on the wall are five spears, four longswords, three morning stars, two great swords, and a quarter staff engraved with feathers.
○ Checking the quarter staff for the magic, they find it to be non-magical, but it is quite light. Ogapo likes the feel and grip of the quarter staff.
○ Heading down a small hall off the room with rotten supplies, they open a door in to what can only be described as a chapel dedicated to murder. An altar sits in the middle of the room draped with a black, blood soaked cloth. On the cloth are three blood spattered golden implements, a knife, a censer, and a chalice. There is blood splattered all over the walls and the statuary has been defaced.
○ Rosco moves forward in to the room and five goblins burst from behind the altar and attack.
○ Rosco shouts and stabs the goblin right in front of him, running it through. He then scampers back down the hall to hide behind Ogapo.
○ Findis passes the cowardly halfling as she moves in to the hall and fires an arrow wildly at a goblin missing it high.
○ Mr. Noodle flies through the hall invisibly and stops in the corner allowing Ogapo to survey the entire room while Harbek charges forward into the room and swings his war hammer at the goblin’s head and swings over the top of him.
○ Meanwhile, Hyrum follows behind the dwarf and stops next to the altar, chants ‘roke plamenom’, and a cone of flame engulfs three of the goblins. The nearest goblin lights up like a torch while the other two are able to avoid most of the flame.
○ One of the goblins swings his weapon at the wizard and a blue glow emanates from Hyrum’s staff blocking the blade while at the same time an icy ray emanates from the staff of the priestly goblin and strikes the wizard in the chest. Cold engulfs the wizard who is able to shake it off. The last goblin swings his weapon at Harbek slamming it against his armor, but not causing any damage.
○ Ogapo moves in to the room and chants ‘eldritch blast’ and a blast of energy comes up short, splashing harmlessly against the altar. Ogapo continues to quickly move to the other side of the room away from the melee and through the curtains in to the chapel hall.
○ Rosco, hidden in Ogapo’s shadow, follows him in to the room, vaults on to the altar (scattering its contents to the floor), slams his short sword in to the skull of the priestly goblin, driving it home. As the priest falls to the ground dead, Rosco pulls his sword free, back flips off the altar, and skitters away behind Hyrum.
○ Findis follows Ogapo, but stops short of the curtain and shoots another arrow at the goblins. After this one sails wide again, she throws down her bow in disgust and says, “I hate being inside!!”
○ Harbek switches directions with his war hammer and hits the goblin, collapsing it’s skull into its shoulders. The crumpled body falls to the ground, brain matter spilling out.
○ Hyrum chants ‘šokantno razumevanje’ and grabs the goblin in front of him. The goblin shakes mightily and foam comes out of his mouth as he crumples to the floor dead.
○ Hyrum looks over the altar and finds carvings related to Oghma, Lathandar, Mystra, and Tymora under the caked blood and filth.
○ While moving the bodies of the goblins in to another room, Harbek searches them for any possible items of worth, finding none.
○ Rosco picks up the golden chalice, knife, and censer and puts them in to his bag. He takes the robe and staff of the goblin priest.
○ Ogapo heads back in to the room and sighs heavily as blood seeps down his side. Harbek channels the divinity of his god and some of Ogapo’s wounds knit close.
○ Hryum cleans off the altar and cleans the caked on blood and filth off of the altar and anoint it with oils. Speaking the words he had been told over and over in his dreams, Hyrum consecrates the altar back to Oghma. The altar glows with a faint white light as the last of the sacred words are spoken.
○ Rosco asks Firenz if this was the priest he mentioned and Firenz says, “yes, this Lhupo.” Rosco flippantly asks if Firenz is happy now. Firenz looks a little concerned and responds with, “Firenz, always happy. Happy with new found friends.”
○ Heading out of the altar room, Rosco starts searching the rest of the castle. In the chapel hall, he finds a golden statue in a crimson cloth. Still flush with magic from the consecration ritual, Hyrum notices that the status glows with divination magic.
○ The group heads back to the king’s room with Gundren to rest for an hour while Rosco goes through the castle with a fine tooth comb finding nothing more of value.
• Evening
○ As the group starts heading out of the castle for the trip back to Phandalin, they notice several hobgoblins approaching along the footpaths from the west.
○ The adventurers flee back in to the castle and prepare to welcome the hobgoblin war band…



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