Tyranny of Dragons

Are We Done Yet?

Mines of Phandelver



Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 75
Total: 1940



Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Afternoon
○ Harbek falls back as his bindle fades away.
○ Talus looks at the cowering goblin in the corner while Rosco shouts at him to move forward and engage the goblin masses coming through the crumbled tunnel. Rosco tells him he’s got his back.
○ Talus gives the cowering goblin a look, drinks a potion a healing, and then moves forward to engage the oncoming goblins.
○ One of the goblins explodes into a cloud of mist as the cloud of daggers rips it apart. Seeing their compatriot go down, the goblins avoid the cloud with some going around the cloud to attack Talus and others heading down the hall away from it and being lost to view.
○ One of the goblin swings at Talus and slices him across the thigh while another fires an arrow at Talus and hits him in the shoulder.
○ Rosco scampers under the table and bursts out, attacking the cowering goblin removing his head from his shoulders.
○ Findis mumbles, ‘marka kaċċatur’ and a green glow surrounds the goblin near Talus. She shoots an arrow from her bow and it hits the goblin in the throat, killing it.
○ Hyrum chants ‘leden žarek’ and an icy blue ray fires forth from his hand and sails wide of the other goblin near Talus as Talus swings his greataxe. He slices a portion of the goblin’s armor off.
○ The goblin returns the blow, but misses Talus.
○ The door on the other side of banquet hall near Rosco flies open and three goblins are surprised to see Rosco, but recover to attack him. One swings a sword slicing the halfling across the chest while the other two fire arrows at Rosco, striking him in shoulder and the leg.
○ Rosco stabs the one directly in front of him through his armor and straight in to his heart. Rosco then moves back under the tables and cowers behind Findis.
○ Findis jumps up on the table and looses an arrow at the goblin near Talus, but the arrow flies wide of its mark whistling past Talus’s ear as Hyrum moves up to the door, chants ‘roke plamenom’ and flame streaks in to the hall engulfing the goblins.
○ The goblins dive to the side, but still are heavily burned as Hyrum closes the door and puts his back to it. The goblins on the other side bang on the door and start to push it open.
○ Talus swings his axe again and the goblin ducks under the swing and slams his scimitar home in the belly of the barbarian. Talus falls to one knee, but through sheer strength of will he stands back up again as Hyrum loses his struggle to hold the door closed.
○ The door open again and the goblins attack. Hyrum’s staff glows blue and the arrow shot by one of the goblins is deflected to the side while the other goblin’s weapon slices in to Hyrum’s calf. The glow on the staff slowly fades away.
○ Rosco skitters under the tables to take position behind the barbarian, firing his bow and killing the goblin dumbfounded the barbarian hadn’t fallen.
○ Rosco then tumbles back under the table Findis was standing on and keeps on the lookout for more targets.
○ Findis turns and fires an arrow at the goblin in front of Hyrum spinning it around and killing it as another icy blue ray from Hyrum hits wide of its mark.
○ Talus turns, picks a hand axe out of the skull of a dead goblin and buries it in the skull of the last goblin and it tumbles over backwards.
○ Several other goblins appear in the doorway and Rosco fires an arrow at the newest goblin and it goes through its chest and out the other side.
○ Findis fires an arrow at another goblin, hitting it through the eye.
○ Hyrum moves through the door, chants ‘roke plamenom’ and flame turns the final two goblins in the main hall into small torches.
○ The castle falls quiet after the intense battle and the smell of burning goblin flesh sits heavily in the air when Firenz says, “what about Lhupo?”



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