Tyranny of Dragons

Business Around Town

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Finding Cragmaw Castle

Quests Received

• The Banshee’s Bargain

Quests Completed

• Orc Trouble


Received: 125
Total: 1225


-52gp, -5sp (Rosco – studded leather and dagger)
-117gp, -Chain mail, -earring with small ruby (Athena – splint mail)
-47gp (Ogapo – studded leather)

Timeline of Events

Ches the 14th, 1489DR
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After determining the group would head back to Phandalin, they spend some time splitting up the current loot.
○ The money and some of the jewelry split up rather well, but there are some disagreements about the ring found on the necromancer.
○ They check all of the potions one more time and determine they have several potions of healing, a potion of invisibility, and some perfume which tastes horrible. The potion of invisibility goes to Rosco, two potions of healing go to Talus, and one potion of healing goes to Ogapo.
○ They read over the scroll they had found and determine it to be a scroll of darkness.
○ They determine the glass staff to be a staff of defense and they distribute it to Hyrum for use and safekeeping.
○ After determining the ring to be a ring of protection, there is a spirited discussion about who should get it.
○ Athena and Talus lobby for the ring and then arm wrestle for it. During their arm wrestling, Rosco replaces the ring with one of the platinum rings.
○ Athena wins the arm wrestling and takes the ring.
• Evening
○ Stopping for the night, the group spends a night in discord.

Ches the 15th, 1489DR
• Morning
○ Athena spends time trying to attune to the ring, but discovers it is non-magical instead.
○ Realizing it was most likely taken by Rosco, Athena berates the halfling about stealing the ring and attempts to smack him on the back of the head with the flat of her sword.
○ Rosco attempts to provide an excuse for why he has it. Something about holding on to it until there is an “equitable solution.”
○ This leads to a discussion about who should get it again and a vote for who gets the ring.
○ During the argument and vote, Ogapo heads off towards the town leaving his invisible familiar behind.
○ The vote comes up two for Athena and two for Rosco with Ogapo having the deciding vote, but he is already well down the road.
○ The group hurries to catch up to him and he casts his vote after consulting his patron for Athena.
• Late-Afternoon
○ Reaching Phandalin, the group heads to the townmaster’s hall to provide the information about the orcs’ demise.
○ Getting the reward, they then head to the Inn where they split up the reward between the five of them that went to the townmaster. Athena objects strongly that the other two are not getting their share, and Ogapo provides one gold piece each for the other two.
○ Then they split up to do various errands.
○ Rosco first heads to the Miner’s Exchange to talk with Halia about whether or not she can get a hold of a poisoning kit and a disguise kit. She says it will take some time as it will need to be retrieved from Neverwinter. He discusses with her more about the Zhentarim and what it might entail.
○ Hyrum seeks out Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck to discuss his quest to re-consecrate an altar to his god. The good sister is excited to meet him as she has heard of his exploits with the Redbrands. He discusses his visions with the sister.
○ Athena finds Sildar and discusses with him the Lords’ Alliance and what their goals are. As a member of the Alliance, Sildar would provide them with missions. In this case, removing the bandits and goblins from the area would be a good start.
○ Sildar also asks them about whether they have found Cragmaw’s Castle and they mention they are headed there soon.
○ Ogapo attempts to search out an establishment that serves spaghetti and meatballs so he can commune with his god. Unfortunately, he cannot find such a place.
○ After talking with Halia, Rosco gets back to the Inn and then takes off to the Lionshield Coster along with Athena in search of armor and weapons.
○ Rosco attempts to buy some studded leather from Linene, but she feels he is a threat to the village and decides not to sell to him. Athena defends Rosco and eventually convinces Linene to sell to the halfling. He buys studded leather for 50gp and some daggers for 2gp 5sp each.
○ Meanwhile, Hyrum talks with Sister Garaele and she says she can help him with the items needed to consecrate the altar, but she needs some help. There is a banshee in the woods near the ruins of Conley that may know the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage. She wants Hyrum to take a gift to the banshee and inquire after the book.
○ Having resolved Rosco’s armor dilemma, Athena turns her attention to outfitting herself and is able to get some new splint mail with some bartering with Linene. Ogapo also buys some studded leather as well.
○ Everyone returns to the Inn and Hyrum suggests they go to the banshee before the castle as he needs some items to consecrate an altar in the castle as a quest provided by his god.
○ Deciding to leave on the morrow, the group passes the night at the Inn…



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