Tyranny of Dragons

Droop, Is That You?

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Finding Cragmaw Castle
• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus

Quests Received
• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 300
Total: 1600



Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Mid-day
○ The fight continues as Talus, Harbek, and Roscoe decide to join in on the battle.
○ Athena tells Roscoe to not kill the drow as the wolf snaps at her biting her in the leg.
○ Roscoe hides behind the door and then steps out and fires an arrow at the wolf which falls short and skitters off the floor.
○ Feeling the blood flow from multiple wounds, Athena mutters a prayer to her god and a warm, yellow light flows over her body and her wounds knit shut.
○ While Athena is praying, Harbek moves behind the wolf and swings his warhammer, smashing its pelvis. With a plaintive cry cut short, the wolf is knocked to the floor.
○ Meanwhile, the owlbear claws at Talus who avoids the clumsy attack, but this enrages him and he recklessly swings his greataxe over the head of the bear. Frustrated by his miss, his rage only increases/
○ Helping Talus, Hyrum mumbles ‘leden žarek’ and an icy blue ray flows from his fingers and hits the owlbear freezing its muzzle.
○ In response, the owlbear claws Talus across the chest and pecks at him with his beak drawing blood from the enraged barbarian.
○ Talus pivots his greataxe around from his previously wide swing and brings it down on the side of the owlbear, biting deeply in to its side.
○ Hyrum casts another frosty ray at the owlbear and hits it again freezing another portion of its muzzle.
○ The wolf taken care of, Roscoe moves to the paralyzed drow and using the pommel of his short sword, smacks her on the back of the head and then hits her with his fist. Being paralyzed, Roscoe is uncertain if he is affecting her or not.
○ Athena heads through the curtain telling Droop to pay attention and get a lesson on fighting. She rushes the owlbear and swings wide.
○ The owlbear claws and pecks Talus again and more red lines appear across his chest.
○ The drow suddenly starts stuggling against the ropes binding her as Ogapo’s spell wears off. She tries to speak through the gag as Roscoe continues to pummel her.
○ Talus swings his greataxe again and slices through part of the owlbear’s beak, enraging the beast further.
○ At the same time, Hryum fires another ray at the owlbear and another frozen spot appears on its side.
○ Dodging to the side, Athena swings her sword at the owlbear and splits its head wide open. The bear falls to the ground with a final roar.
○ While shaking bits of wolf from his hammer, Harbek hears noises coming from beyond the curtain behind him. Curious, he peaks behind the curtain where he sees several goblins heading his way. He summons his holy bindle and attacks the lead goblin. Unfortunately, the spectral weapon misses.
○ Athena hears a ‘thunk’ on the other side of the door and mentions this to all the heavily breathing people in the room. Hyrum agrees that they might be overrun imminently.
○ Meanwhile, Harbek continues to attack the goblins with the bindle and then heads around through the curtains to the rest of the group and mentions the oncoming goblins.
○ From beyond the door, the group hears the goblins attack the bindle. They hear shouts of dismay as their weapons go through the spectral weapon, confusing them even more.
○ Not feeling particularly threatened by the goblins on the other side of a barred door, Talus calls Harbek a coward for not attacking the goblins. He then heads to the broken door where the owlbear came from and looks in the room where he finds the top open to the elements as the tower has fallen in on itself. He starts to look around.
○ Roscoe’s pummeling of the drow finally produces results and the drow’s eyes roll up in the back of her head and she falls over on the ground. He moves out of the room and stealthily moves down the hall.
○ Hyrum asks where the group wants to prepare for the goblins and unbars and opens the door and then mumbles ‘roke plamenom’ through the open door and a gout of flame bursts from his hands burning a path through the goblins. Two of them burn to death while two others are badly burned.
○ Athena then breathes her cone of cold on the surprised goblins. The quick fire and then ice kills the two badly burned goblins and frost bites two others. Athena then asks Droop if there are any goblins there that need saving. Droop looks them over and says save the one in the back, called Firenz, his only friend. He calls out to Firenz to have him come to the dragonborn who just iced them all.
○ Droop then says he doesn’t see Yegg, the bad one.
○ Meanwhile, Harbek heads over to heal Talus while his bindle continues to lay about itself. Unfortunately, it misses the goblins again.
○ Terrified after losing over half their number, two of the remaining three goblins run from the room through a curtain that leads to an unexplored area. Firenz, however, doesn’t run and looks extremely confused.
○ Firenz says “Droop? Is that you?”
○ The group tries to decide whether they should chase the goblins or help Gundren…



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