Tyranny of Dragons


Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus

Quests Received

• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Completed

• Finding Cragmaw Castle


Received: 150
Total: 1750


+ 90ep
+ 120gp
+ scroll of silence
+ scroll of revivify
+ 220sp
+ 160ep
+ 3 potions of healing

Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Mid-day
○ Athena tells Droop to go talk with Firenz. Firenz says, “Droop, I thought you were with Mogg?” and Droop responds with, “I was, but these guys saved me. You should join up with us.” Droop drops to a whisper, " Beware of the little guy, he wants to kill Slurry and me. If we got the three of us, we could mug him in his sleep and take all of his stuff."
○ Athena asks Droop if Firenz will join them, and Firenz responds with, “I will come with you, but protect me from Yegg.”
○ Athena asks Firenz where Yegg is and he responds in the kitchen, but can’t draw them a map. He also asks about potential dangers. Firenz mentions King Grol.
○ Meanwhile, Rosco and Ogapo had headed back to the tied up drow and Gundren. While Ogapo tends to Gundren, Rosco searches the drow and finds nothing of value other than a dagger.
○ Looking around the broken tower, Talus picks through the debris.
○ Hyrum comes in to the room and looks around and notices a wooden chest on a ledge which probably was the second floor at one time.
○ Hyrum mumbles ‘vrač roko’ and moves the chest a little bit, but not enough to pull it off.
○ Talus lifts Hyrum up and he then uses his staff to lever the chest which tumbles to the ground where it smashes. Electrum and gold pieces spill about, liquid from a broken vial seeps on to the floor, and a scroll tube tumbles out.
○ Hyrum looks the scroll tube and finds two scrolls, a scroll of silence and a scroll of revivify while Talus scoops up the coins.
○ While the group discusses what to do, Mr. Noodle notifies Ogapo of some approaching hobgoblins.
○ Talus heads out of the tower and to the previously barred door about the time the hobgoblins open the door and another fight ensues.
○ Ogapo heads out of the tower with the drow and in to the guard room with Talus. He hexes the hobgoblin in the doorway and the mumbles ‘kṣudra pēluḍu’ and a bolt of energy streaks forth and misses the hobgoblin.
○ The hobgoblins maneuver in the hallway with some of them trying to head around the hall while others come through the door. The hobgoblin in the door swings wildly at Talus while the one behind him shoots an arrow at Ogapo which also sails wide.
○ Hyrum moves up to the hobgoblins and chants ‘roke plamenom’ and flame shoots from his hands burning a path through the hobgoblins, killing two of them.
○ Talus moves through the door and swing his axe at a hobgoblin, cutting through his armor and delivering a fatal blow and continues on further in to the room.
○ Rosco sneaks down the hallway and sees more hobgoblins, fires his bow at one of the hobgoblins hitting him in the right shoulder, and then he dashes back to the tower room.
○ As Athena heads forward to battle, she asks Firenz if anyone should be spared. He nods in the negative, and so she attacks another hobgoblin and misses.
○ Ogapo attempts to hit with his blast and misses again.
○ The hobgoblins heading around the other way notice Talus and head back in to the room to engage him and Athena. One swings at Talus with his longsword and slashes him across the chest and the other swings at Athena and misses.
○ Hyrum moves forward and mumbles ‘leden žarek’ and an icy blue ray streaks forth from the glass staff in his hands and freezes the chest of a hobgoblin.
○ Talus winds up with his greataxe and attacks the hobgoblin who struck him, but swings wide.
○ Rosco hides behind Athena and then shoots the closest hobgoblin with his bow. The arrow sails wide of its mark.
○ Athena swings widely at a hobgoblin and it dodges the blow while another blast from Ogapo sails passed its mark.
○ The hobgoblins press their advantage and one strikes Talus again, opening another line of blood along his arm while another swings at Athena and the blow clangs off her armor.
○ Hyrum shoots another frost ray and hits the same hobgoblin in the chest a second time, stopping its heart.
○ Talus reverses the swing of his axe and the hobgoblin parries it to the side with his blade while Rosco moves around to get a better shot at a hobgoblin. Shooting the hobgoblin with arrow, he hits him in the throat taking out the last of the hobgoblins.
○ The battle over, everyone is feeling the effects of multiple waves of enemies and everyone except for Talus fall back to the king’s room where they bar the door.
○ Athena and Ogapo open the closet door and find it empty.
○ Athena heals Gundren and he wakes up groggily. He mentions they need to find the map as the goblins stealing the map was the last thing he remembers.
○ Rosco looks pointedly at the goblins and asks them where the map is. Gundren recognizes Slurry.
○ Rosco asks Slurry who took the map and he says he gave the stuff to the guy and they took him here, to the castle.
○ Rosco wants to murder goblins until they talk, but Athena stops him from carrying out this plan.
○ They search the room and find a leather sack under the bed filled with coins, potions, and a map.
○ Ogapo shows Gundren the map and he confirms it is the correct map.
○ They make Slurry taste a potion and he feigns dying and then doesn’t tell them what it is. Athena then tries it and determine they potions of healing. They quickly divvy up the potions.
○ Ogapo asks what it is a map to and Gundren tells them it is a map to Wave Echo Cave.
○ Rosco mentions they have delivered the supplies.
○ Athena asks if he knows anything about the castle and he mentions being awake once while the king and the drow were arguing over the price of the map. He overheard them talk about his brothers and that they may have been attacked and he wants to leave and head to the Cave.
○ After setting the stage, Rosco slaps the drow awake. After dazedly waking, she stares at the group coldly.
○ Rosco asks the drow who she is and what she is doing here. She doesn’t respond.
○ She looks at each of them in turns and says," you are all too good to do anything to harm me." Rosco back hands her across the face.
○ Athena looks to see if she wants to make a deal, and she says they have nothing she wants. At this point, the group loses patience and after Athena turns her back on the scene, Ogapo kills her. After dying, the creature changes from a drow to a faceless grey humanoid.
○ To distract herself from the murder of a helpless creature, Athena detects there is some kind of desecration in another location in the castle.
○ The group sits in their barred tower room and rests…



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