Tyranny of Dragons

Let's Start At The End

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Finding Cragmaw Castle
• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 0
Total: 1300



Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Mid-day
○ Findis mumbles ‘silġ tal xewk’ and knocks an arrow to her bow.
○ The bugbear king opens the curtain and stops in surprise as he sees Athena. “You’re not Targas,” he says to Athena who responds with “Mistakes were made.” The king shouts for Snarl his wolf and then swings at Athena with his morning star smacking her in the breastplate and ringing her bell.
○ Hearing the call of his master, Snarl the large wolf bounds from the room and streaks down the hall in an attempt to flank around to the other side of the room.
○ Mr. Noodle notices the female drow disappear back in to the other room.
○ Hyrum shouts ‘leden žarek’ and his icy blue ray misses the bugbear.
○ Meanwhile, Athena returns the blow back on the bugbear with a thunderous roar which echoes around the room forcing the bugbear back and knocking him to the floor.
○ After being alerted to the wolf as Mr. Noodle continues to follow it, Ogapo takes the wooden bar from the door to the south and closes the western door and bars it.
○ While Findis is moving past Athena to attack the bugbear, a roar erupts from the direction of the room Ogapo just unbarred.
○ Findis fires her knocked arrow and misses high, but her prepared spell goes off peppering the bugbear with a hail of small thorns. Findis then falls back as the bugbear gets up.
○ Meanwhile, on the west door a loud thump is heard followed by scratching at the door as the wolf reaches the closed door.
○ The bugbear warily moves back in to the range of Athena and swings again missing her to the left.
○ At the south door, a large thump is heard as if something large has hit the door. This causes Hyrum to almost jump out of his skin.
○ Hyrum briefly contemplates barring the southern door with the glass staff, but instead decides to move away from the southern door and then he casts another spell at the bugbear.
○ ‘nezgrešljiva stavke’ is uttered and several small brightly colored missiles fly from Hyrum’s hand and strike the bugbear.
○ Droop rushes past Athena and rolls through the bugbear’s legs to the other side narrowly avoiding a swing by the bugbear. At the same time, Athena smashes the bugbear again with a thunderous smite. Droop brandishes a rusty ladle as the bugbear falls to the ground
○ Slurry looks non-plused by this showing from Droop while Ogapo comments about how Slurry is being shown up by the pudgy goblin.
○ Ogapo heads to the room where the woman was last seen and opens the door. Inside he finds the drow woman with a knife at the throat of an unconscious dwarf. A dwarf that looks remarkably like Gundren.
○ “Come no further if you value his life,” she says menacingly.
○ Ogapo mutters his hex as he looks around and then says, “We don’t want any trouble.”
○ Looking around, the drow responds with “Safe passage or this dwarf dies!”
○ Ogapo responds with, “I can’t speak for the wolf, but I won’t kill you.”
○ Mr. Noodle leaves the side of the wolf and comes back around to be available in case Ogapo needs to cast through him.
○ Findis moves to the end of the room and knocks an arrow waiting for one of the two doors to be knocked down.
○ The door to south bursts open and a large brown creature comes through the door. Recognizing it as an owlbear, Findis fires an arrow at it. The arrow glances off the bears’ side.
○ Meanwhile, Snarl loses interest in trying to break down the door and heads back the way he came. Growling as he sees Droop and Ogapo.
○ Hyrum shifts to one side and intones an incantation, ‘roke plamenom’ and a burst of flame leaps from his hands and engulfs the owlbear. The bear leaps to the side to avoid most of the flame.
○ Slurry hides in the arrow slit while Athena hustles over to confront the wolf. A wild swing misses the wolf.
○ Ogapo’s voice takes on an otherworldly tone as he says ‘vyakti kaligi’ and the drow freezes in place. He then rushes forward, taking a bite from the wolf, before reaching the drow and pushing Gundren out of her grasp. He disarms the drow and ties her up with a rope.
○ Findis fires another arrow wide of the owlbear. The owlbear charges Findis and attacks with his claws and beak. Findis is able to dodge both attacks while knocking another arrow.
○ The wolf snarls at Athena and tries to bite her, but can’t seem to break through her armor.
○ Hyrum unloads another gout of flame at the owlbear which again the owlbear moves deftly to the side avoiding most of the damage.
○ Athena reverses her blade and slashes the wolf on its flank. Blood flows liberally down the wolf’s side.
○ The tide of the fight has swung in the favor of our heroes, but Athena’s thunderous blows may have alerted the entire castle…



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