Tyranny of Dragons

Never Split Up The Party

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 115
Total: 1865



Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Afternoon
○ During the rest, they obsess over the closet. Ogapo goes in and closes the door. Nothing happens. They search it for secret doors and they find none. It really is just a closet.
○ They discuss how they want to approach the rest of the castle. They decide to split in to two groups, one consists of Talus, Harbek, and Ogapo, and the other is Athena, Findis, and Rosco and they head off to explore.
○ Athena’s group heads through the northern door and into a large dark room. The room seems to have been a chapel at some point and there are two large, heavy curtains at the north end. Athena detects the consecration coming through the curtains.
○ Findis notices something move up amongst the angelic statues. Mentioning this, Athena calls out for Mr. Noodle to go explore. Ogapo hears the call and sends Mr. Noodle who then heads up in to the reaches and a snakelike creature drops to the floor and attacks with its tentacles.
○ Meanwhile, Talus’ group goes through the curtain to the south and finds two more doors.
○ Examining the two doors, the one to the south looks a little different than the normal doors, so Tallus heads over and opens the door to the west. Opening the door, he notices a large room with two large tables filled with rotting food and dirty dishes.
○ In the back, there is a rather large goblin brandishing a meat cleaver shouting at several goblins, telling them to get back out there and fight. Talus throws a hand axe at the nearest goblin slicing off part of his face and knocking him to the floor where he shallowly breathes.
○ As Ogapo moves toward the grick, he hears the bellow of challenge from Talus and decides to send Mr. Noodle to have a quick look at what is going on. He then murmurs, ‘allarlu’ followed by ‘kṣudra pēluḍu’ both targeted at the grick. The blast of energy sails wide, but the purple glow of his hex settles on the beast.
○ As Athena moves forward to engage the grick, Firenz says, “oh yeah, watch out for Lhupo’s grick. Nasty beastie.” Athena asks who “Lhupo” is and Firenz responds, “Lhupo is priest.”
○ Athena swings at the grick and misses the quick beast while Rosco rushes in and shoots his bow at the grick and the arrow bounces off the grick’s armor-like hide. He continues forward, drawing his dagger, and plunges it in to the side of the grick.
○ The grick spins around and a tentacle attempts to grab Rosco. Rosco dodges out of the way.
○ Findis shoots the grick with her bow and the arrow flies wide.
○ Ogapo blasts the grick again and the energy slams in to the grick’s tentacles singeing them as the power flows through it.
○ Findis fires another arrow at the grick and the plunges through the soft underbelly of the grick, killing it.
○ At the same time, Harbek chants a prayer to his god and a warm, yellow light flows down his arm and knits the wounds on Talus’ body back together. He then chants another prayer and the spectral bindle reforms in the banquet hall right next to the large goblin. The bindle swings at Yegg, but passes over the top of him.
○ Talus throws his second hand axe at another goblin and misses as the goblin ducks. Talus follows the axe by running across the room.
○ The scared goblins move away from the bindle and into the path of the rampaging barbarian. All of them swarm around the barbarian, swing their weapons causing several small cuts on Talus, and then they move back towards the other side of the hall.
○ Athena hears the sounds of battle through the wall to the south and she and Droop head back through the door and head to the sounds of battle in the south. As they enter the banquet hall, Droop points at the large goblin and says, “Yegg.”
○ Rosco follows behind Athena and Droop and heads in to the hall firing an arrow at Yegg which sails high.
○ Harbek’s bindle swings down on Yegg and hits the fat goblin in the head and then the bindle swings back and forth trying to scare the goblins.
○ Harbek moves forward in to the hall and closes on Yegg, swinging his warhammer in a wide arc. With a sickening crunch, the warhammer connects with the side of Yegg’s face, caving it in.
○ Talus follows behind Harbek and swings his axe at a goblin taking its head from its shoulders.
○ The remaining two goblins cower near the hearth while more goblins enter the room from a partially collapsed hall to the southwest. One of the new goblins swings its weapon at Harbek and connects causing a wound on his thigh.
○ Ogapo dashes back from the chapel to the banquet hall to help with the battle.
○ Athena closes on the new goblins and swings her sword, but they are able to dodge out of the way.
○ Rosco hides behind Athena and fires an arrow at a goblin striking it in the throat while Harbek moves the bindle to the center of the new goblins and it lays about striking one of the goblins. He then closes the distance on another goblin and swings his warhammer wide of the mark.
○ Talus attacks one of the cowering goblins with his axe and splits his head open like a melon.
○ More goblins come streaming out of another room. The goblin engaged with Harbek swings his weapon wide of Harbek.
○ Ogapo moves behind Harbek and chants ‘bākulu samūha’. A nimbus of purple light forms in the midst of the goblins and solidifies into maelstrom of tiny daggers ripping in to the goblins.
○ Athena moves near the cowering goblin and the body of Yegg. Droop stands over Yegg’s body lost in thought.
○ At the same time, Harbek’s bindle continues to swing about, but the goblins dodge out of the way. Harbek gathers up his warhammer and strikes a mighty blow on a goblin caving in its chest.
○ Goblins continue to spill forth from the surrounding barracks…



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