Tyranny of Dragons

New Allies and Restless Spirits

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Finding Cragmaw Castle

Quests Received

• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus.

Quests Completed

• The Banshee’s Bargain


Received: 25
Total: 1250


Three potions of healing

Timeline of Events

Ches the 16th, 1489DR
• Morning
○ Gathering up their equipment and stocking the wagon for a trip to Conyberry and on to the banshee, the group is approached by an elven woman. She introduces herself as Findus and an associate of Sister Garalae whom Hyrum had met earlier. She mentions she has been asked by the sister to help the group with their mission to seek the banshee.
○ The group then heads out of Phandalin along the Triboar Trail towards Conyberry.
• Evening
○ After a day of travel during which Findus becomes more familiar with the mercenary company, they stop for the night.

Ches the 17th, 1489DR
• Morning
○ After an uneventful night, the company heads on down the trail.
• Midday
○ Reaching the ruined village of Conyberry, the group explores the area to ensure that it might be a suitable place to stay the night before seeing the banshee in the morning.
○ Rosco starts checking the Inn to verify it won’t immediately fall down. He does discover some support beams that he feels could be destroyed quickly to take the building down.
○ Ogapo sends Mr. Noodle to scout around the village to see what he can find.
○ Findus looks over the buildings to see if the fire was natural or some other cause determining the fire was natural, but whether it had been set deliberately or not. She also notices some rusting weapons near a decayed corpse.
○ Athena looks for desecration and defiled areas.
○ Rosco scavenges the rusted battle axe and while examining it determines it looks very similar to the axe carried by Talus.
○ Talus looks over the axe and determines that it might have come from his clan.
○ Looking over the skeleton, Talus determines the bones are a bit larger than normal and have proportions similar to that of an orc, but not exactly. He also notices a leather cord around the skeletons neck with his tribe’s totem. Strangely, the totem is well preserved.
○ Rosco immediately snatches it up, and Talus asks for the totem back from Rosco.
○ Hyrum determines the totem is magical (strong alteration), but there is no other magic in the area.
○ Talus continues to investigate the body and looks over the leather cord with runes etched in it. The body itself and the ruins themselves seem to be quite old.
○ He then tries to get the totem back from Rosco, but he has no luck as Rosco feels like it was rightfully looted.
• Evening
○ They spend an undisturbed night under the eaves of the Inn.

Ches the 18th, 1489DR
• Morning
○ Rosco is unable to determine the magic of the totem and so gives it back to Talus.
○ Having resolved the party conflict, they head off on a trail shown to them by Findus and known to lead to the demesne of the banshee, Agatha.
○ While they follow the trail, they discuss the plan of attack for the banshee. They also bring Findus up to speed on what the group has been doing recently and why they are talking to the banshee.
○ Reaching the twisted tree and bramble hut of the banshee, the goblins stop dead in their tracks and say they will go no further. Hyrum, Findus, Ogapo, and Rosco head in to the hovel while Talus and Athena stay near the exit.
○ As Hyrum and co. reach the main room, the air temperature drops precipitously and a gale force wind blows through the room before a pale, translucent elf appears before them a scowl twisting her features. “Why do you disturb my peace?”
○ Hyrum say “Agatha I have heard stories of your beauty and only wish to seek you out.” This plus the silver comb seems to mollify the banshee. “Your gift is acceptable and I will answer one question you have.”
○ Hyrum asks about the location of Bowgentle’s spellbook and Agatha says, “She traded the book to the necromancer Tseranok from Iraebor more than 100 years ago and does not know what happened after that.”
○ As the group ponders if they can get another question, Agatha says," Begone from my demesne" and she disappears in a flash of light. The air temperature increases and the gale force winds subside.
○ Athena looks around the hovel a bit more while the rest of the group continue to discuss how they can get another question.
○ Athena wants to consecrate the house, but no one is willing the help her.
• Evening
○ After traveling the whole day, the group settles in for the night.

Ches the 19th, 1489DR
• Morning
○ After an uneventful night, the group continues their journey to Phandalin. Talus is unable to determine what the magical power of the totem is.
• Early-Afternoon
○ Reaching Phandalin, Hyrum takes the answer to the question to Sister Garaele who then gives him three potions of healing and the oils and perfumes needed to consecrate the altar to Oghma.
○ Rosco talks to his contact at the Miner’s Exchange to see if any of the items he requested had arrived. He did not get good news.
○ Ogapo has a small chat with the Great Daev who seems a little down as the locals don’t seem to be taking to his folk song.
○ Rosco cases the Lionshield Coster to determine if he can figure out a way to burn it down.

Ches the 20th, 1489DR
• Morning
○ Consulting with Droop, the group takes their wagon and head west on the Triboar Trail on their way to Cragmaw Castle.
• Evening
○ After a day of travel, the group finds a place to stop for the night.

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Morning
○ Heading north east in to the Neverwinter Wood, the way is slow going.
• Mid-day
○ Finally, the reach Cragmaw Castle a ruined edifice with seven crumbling towers. They notice an entrance on the western side and a trail of some sort leading to the southern side.
○ Looking around, they notice boot tracks of various sizes heading to the entrance on the western side.
○ Ogapo sends Mr. Noodle to scout around the castle. He discovers the path on the south side leads to a passage that leads to an iron gate in the wall. On the north side, he notices a mostly collapsed tower with a five foot canvas over part of the rubble.
○ Ogapo sends Mr. Noodle back to the north side and has him move the canvas which shows a dark tunnel leading in to the tunnel.
○ The group decides to enter from the north side and sneaks their way around to the crumbled tower.
○ They enter the tower and as their eyes adjust to the dimly lit interior, they notice a room with several crates and barrels in various states of decay.
○ Our intrepid heroes slowly head further into the room…



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