Tyranny of Dragons

Owlbear Surprise!

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 100
Total: 2215


+ 500gp
- 100cp (Athena to Slurry)

Timeline of Events

Ches the 22nd, 1489DR
• Morning
○ The group loads up the wagon with all the arms and armor found in the castle. Athena raises her flag over castle.
○ They look over the map to Wave Echo Cave and determine it to be in the foothills of the Sword Mountains to the east of Phandalin.
○ Talking with Gundren, he is eager to get back to the mine so he can check on his brothers, Tharden and Nundro.
○ They connect the oxen to the wagon and head out from the castle back to Phandalin.
• Late Morning
○ As they are traveling south through the forest, they hear a roar in the forest and see an owlbear rushing out of the woods.
○ Ogapo reacts first and chants ‘Vairudhyāniki viṣpar’ and the bear looks confused but continues to move towards the wagon. Noodle snickers.
○ Hyrum says a word, ‘leden žarek’ and an icy ray of blue streaks towards the owl bear striking it on its side.
○ At the exact same time Rosco hides behind the oxen’s danglies and fires his bow at the owlbear.
○ Talus shakes his head at Rosco and rushes the owlbear swinging his greataxe. He connects and opens a gash across the chest of the owlbear.
○ Athena and her posse of goblins drop out of the wagon and starts heading to owlbear. She asks Droop if he wants to fight the owlbear and Droop looks extremely concerned but says, “I am behind you, 1… percent.” Slurry ducks under the wagon and Firenz stands there hesitantly as Athena swings her sword at the owlbear and the flat of the blade raps it on the beak.
○ Droop swoops in behind Athena and swings his rusty ladle and hits the owlbear in the foot.
○ Findis chants ‘marka kaċċatur’ and a green glow surrounds the owlbear. She moves forward for a clear shot, pulls back her bow, and lets an arrow fly. The arrow lodges in the shoulder of the beast and it lets out an agonizing roar.
○ The enraged owlbear lunges forward with its beak leaving behind a bloody hole in the bicep of Talus’ left arm and attempts to claw Droop, but swipes right over top as Droop bends down to pick up something shiny on the ground.
○ Ogapo invokes his magic again and a cloud of daggers appears on the rear end of the owlbear ripping and shredding it.
○ Another lance of frost fires forth from his hand and strikes the creature in the face and the creatures slows down its charge.
○ Rosco attempts move to one of the legs of the ox, but it lashes out causing him to stumble back again drawing the eye of the owlbear. He fires his bow again and his arrow strikes the owlbear in the throat dropping it mid-roar.
○ Hyrum takes a few of the feathers from the owlbear and Talus shouts his battle cry at the forest.
• Evening
○ After a day of travel, they arrive back at Phandalin and head to the Stonehill Inn.
○ Findis and Hyrum report back to Sister Garaele their success in restoring the altar at Cragmaw Castle.
○ Sister Garaele inquires as to whether Findis has followed up on the rumors of dragons at Thundertree and Findis says she has seen no evidence so far, but will continue looking in the future.
○ Gundren heads for Barthen’s and mentions he will catch back up with the group before they head to the mine.
○ Rosco stops by the Miner’s Exchange and finds it closed, so he continues on and visits the Alderleaf farm and has dinner with his aunt.
○ Ogapo talks with Daev to determine if they can sell all of the equipment they had “salvaged” from the castle. He finds Daev plucking his lute in the Inn and he says he will talk with Linene at the Lion’s Head Coster to see if she will purchase it. He asks after his old group and Ogapo mentions everything is going well.
○ Sildar arrives at the Inn and takes dinner with Athena. He mentions that he has heard from some of his contacts that there is a contract out on the group and it specifically talks about Athena and Talus. He says the hit was ordered by someone called the Black Spider. He mentions they should watch their step.
○ Athena mentions they have cleared out Castle Cragmaw and Sildar is suitably impressed and he rewards the group with 500gp. He suggests to Athena that it would be helpful to Phandalin and the Lords’ Alliance if they would help Gundren re-establish the mine.
○ Gundren returns to the Inn and says he wants to leave as soon as possible as he talked to Elmar and learned his brothers didn’t show up at the regular re-supply time.
○ The group discusses what they should do with the castle or the manor house and decide to take over the manor instead of the castle for now. They decide to send Slurry and Firenz there to start fixing the place up.

Ches the 23rd, 1489DR
• Morning
○ During breakfast with Sildar, Findis mentions her mission to check out the rumors of a dragon at Thundertree. The group decides the mine comes first, but look in to after they get back. Sildar mentions to Athena to check back with him when she gets back from the mine.
○ After breakfast, the group heads to the manor where they leave Slurry and Firenz to look after the place and make it safe by breaking down all of the traps Iarno had put in the place.
○ Athena gives Slurry 100cp to help in their endeavor to make the manor house less dangerous. Ogapo leaves a frog with them which he says will watch them and keep track of what they are doing.
○ Finally, they hook up their ox to the cart and start the trek to Wave Echo Cave.
○ As they travel along, Gundren tells them the history of Wave Echo Cave and how he and his brothers stumbled upon its location in some journals they found in their father’s belongings after his death.
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After most of the day traveling, Gundren leads them to a cave opening. They find an old campsite outside that looks like it has not been used in about a week. Gundren mentions they may have just moved the camp inside.
○ The adventurers head in the cave opening and follow a tunnel for about one hundred feet before they reach large cavern supported by a natural pillar of rock. To the northeast, a section of the cavern floor has collapsed about twenty feet revealing a rough-hewn tunnel heading northwest and east.
○ In this cave, they find evidence of another campsite with several piles of supplies. Amid the supplies is the body of a dwarf miner. Gundren rushes over to the miner and his face hardens as he finds it to be his brother Tharden…



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