Tyranny of Dragons

Perfect Ambush!

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 100
Total: 2115



Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Evening
○ Fleeing back in the castle, the group discusses what they should do about the hobgoblin warband.
○ As the group approaches, they see it resolve to seven hobgoblins and two wolves approaching in a loose formation. The hobgoblin’s don’t seem to notice anything amiss.
○ Ogapo suggests that Rosco disguise himself as the goblin priest. Unfortunately, Rosco doesn’t speak goblin, so that idea ended quickly.
○ The next suggestion is to have Droop or Firenz talk to them, but that quickly turns into a what will they tell them discussion which ends rather quickly.
○ Rosco suggests just letting them get really close and then fill them full of arrows.
○ Talus suggests going out the back and leaving the hobgoblins alone.
○ Rosco asks the goblins who the hobgoblins are. Firenz says, “that is Targor. Bad, bad, bad hobgoblin. Rumor is he wants to kill Grol. Grol dead already.”
○ Rosco asks if they belong here and Firenz says they are from the Cragmaw tribe.
○ Harbek asks if there are any good hobgoblin, and Firenz says without missing a beat, “a dead hobgoblin?”
○ Ogapo hides in the hall readying a dagger storm while Rosco and Hyrum take their place near the arrow slits.
○ Talus and Athena take up position on either side of the door and Harbek backs them up.
○ About this time, they remember they have a fireball scroll and instruct Hyrum to wait until they are in a good spot to unleash it.
○ Athena is hoping to put them to sleep and then add to his goblinkind army, but Hyrum doesn’t have any spells available anymore, so that idea is a no go.
○ Athena asks Firenz if there is any way to dissuade Targor from coming in so as to prevent a fight, but other than Targor wanting to be king, he doesn’t have any good ideas.
○ Ogapo starts moving debris in to the door so as to slow down the hobgoblins. At the same time, Athena continues to try to convince everyone to talk with the hobgoblins in some fashion, but Rosco just chants, “Perfect Ambush! Perfect Ambush!”
○ Athena resigns herself for a fight and gets in to position telling the goblins to hide back in the banquet hall.
○ The hobgoblins climb the stairs and Targor crosses the courtyard with the wolves as the rest start to climb up behind him.
○ The adventurers tense as Targor crosses the courtyard and enters the castle where he sees Talus and stops in surprise as the rest of the hobgoblins start to cross the courtyard.
○ Rosco peeks around the corner and throws a dagger at one of the hobgoblins and it ricochets off its shield. He lets a second dagger fly and it strikes the creature in the throat, killing him instantly and then he ducks back behind the wall near the arrow slit.
○ At the same time, Ogapo moves up towards the door and chants ‘cloud of daggers’ and a cloud of daggers appears behind Targor and engulfs one of the wolves, ripping it apart. Ogapo then disappears in to the banquet hall.
○ Hyrum intones ‘ray of frost’ and an icy blue ray streaks from his hand and hits the hobgoblin’s shield.
○ Harbek moves in to the hall and prays to his god. A spiritual bindle appears in the middle of the hobgoblins and attacks them, but it swings wide.
○ Harbek then swings his warhammer at Targor and strikes him in the side.
○ While Harbek is moving towards the leader, Athena steps forward and swings at Targor, but it bangs off his armor.
○ As Athena steps back, Talus moves forward angrily and shoves Targor with all his might. Targor stumbles backward in to the dagger swarm and the hobgoblin starts taking cut after cut as the daggers slowly slice through his armor and skin.
○ Since Ogapo is securely snug in the banquet hall, he sends his invisible quasit out in to the courtyard to view the battle.
○ Rosco unlimbers his bow and fires an arrow at another hobgoblin, hitting him in the forehead, and it falls off the ledge dead.
○ Ogapo heads back out in to the hall and a blast of energy flies from his fingers and strikes the wolf in the side, burning through its fur and pushing it back.
○ Meanwhile, an icy ray hits the wolf in the side and it yelps before falling over dead. Hyrum looks pleased with himself and ducks back behind the wall.
○ Harbek swings his hammer at Targor and crushes his chest with a mighty blow.
○ As Targor’s dead body falls to the ground, Athena moves past him and out in to the courtyard. She swings at a hobgoblin and it dodges out of the way.
○ Assessing the situation and finding it not in their favor, the rest of the hobgoblins turn tail and run as fast as they can from the castle and the demons that seem to have taken it over.
○ As they turn to flee, Athena strikes one in the side with her sword. Rosco fires another arrow after them and it sails over their heads as he moves out in to the courtyard.
○ Ogapo moves out to the edge of the courtyard and shouts, “Go hobgoblins, be free! You are beautiful.”
○ Hyrum also leaves the security of the guard room and in to the castle door and another icy blue ray hits a hobgoblin in the back. The hobgoblin lurches forward and tumbles to the ground never to rise.
○ Harbek rushes after the hobgoblins and throws an axe at one, but misses while Athena gives up the chase and heads back in to the castle where she gets her flag out of her pack and looks for some way to raises it over the castle.
○ The remaining hobgoblins continue to run while Talus winds up and throws his two axes hitting one of the hobgoblins between the shoulder blades while the other axe sails wide and he shouts, “and don’t come back!”
○ Rosco shoots another arrow a the hobgoblins and hits the same it in the shoulder as the three hobgoblins make it in to the forest.
○ The adventurers return to the castle and search through the bodies of the hobgoblins. They find three bloody sacks with severed heads inside. They look like they might be some farmers or tradesmen, but they don’t recognize any of them.
○ Athena finally finds a place for her flag and the symbol of Athena is raised over the castle.
○ Gundren suggests they leave as soon as they can to get back to Phandalin so he can find out what has happened to his brothers.
○ Feeling it is too late in the day to head back, the adventurers decide to stay in the castle for the night so they can recover from their ordeal…



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