Tyranny of Dragons

On the Triboar Trail

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️
The Great Daev

Quests in Progress

• Deliver supplies for Gundren to Phandalin

Quests Received

• Deliver supplies for Gundren to Phandalin

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 0
Total: 0



Timeline of Events

Ches the 1st, 1489DR
• Morning
○ The mercenary company meets with Gundren Rockseeker, cousin to Harbek. He tasks them delivering some supplies to Phandalin.
○ Gundren then heads out ahead of the group to get there early.
○ The group travels down the coast road for the day with no troubles.

Ches the 2nd, 1489DR
• Mid-Morning
○ Reaching the Triboar Trail, the group heads east along the trail towards the town of Phandalin.
• Mid-Afternoon
○ Daev and Talus have a small ongoing rivalry about who should be ahead of the wagon. This causes them to get further up the road before the others call them back.
○ Athena, Harbek, and Hyrum are riding in the wagon and Rosco is riding in the back checking things out.
○ They come upon two dead horses in the middle of the road with black feathered arrows peppering their side.
○ Talus heads up to the horses while the Great Daev covers him. Rosco decides to hide along the side of the road as does Groot.
○ As Talus gets close to the horses, he notices the saddle bags have been looted and there is an open map case laying on the ground.
○ Daev approaches to look over the horses and another arrow plunks in to the side of one of the horses.
○ Talus shouts at the bushes, “come out you cowards and fight me on the bare ground!!” while he scans the bushes for the threat.
○ Rosco and Groot stealthily search through the bushes on either side of the road for the source of the arrow.
○ Athena jumps down from the wagon and moves in to a defending position next to Talus and the Great Daev.
○ Meanwhile, Harbek moves to the back of the wagon to ensure they are not flanked.
○ Talus’ taunts produce a result and some bushes move in response. He notices a small greyish, green creature in the bushes and he charges forward to attack the beast. The little beast drops his short bow, pulls out a scimitar, and slashes Talus across the thigh.
○ In response to all of the movement, several more arrows are launched from the bushes and hit Athena and the dead horses.
○ The Great Daev moves forward and grabs the map case and fires an arrow at the goblin fighting Talus. He strikes him in the shoulder knocking the goblin back. Talus looks around a bit for who fired the arrow.
○ Hyrum stands up on the wagon, focusses on the bushes on the other side of the road and calls out ‘ste zaspani’. A light mist falls over a region of the bushes and sinks to the ground.
○ Watching this cloud dissipate, Groot moves forward and finally stumbles over a goblin, waking him up.
○ Meanwhile, Rosco gives up his searching and fires an arrow at the goblin engaged with Talus embedding it in the throat of the goblin silencing his cries.
○ Athena notices some rustling in the bushes on the side of the road opposite of Talus, but seems content to await the enemy coming to her as Harbek approaches her from the wagon.
○ Talus stares down at the dead goblin curses his companions and then whirls around and starts swinging his axe back and forth in the bushes flushing another goblin as he gets angrier and angrier.
○ The flushed goblin pulls his scimitar and attacks Talus, but swings wide.
○ Seeing his companion in danger, The Great Daev says ’don’t worry I’ll save you Talus’ and fires an arrow at the goblin which embeds in his forehead.
○ Meanwhile, the waking goblin attempts to stand up in front of Groot, but is impaled on Groot’s sword and slowly slides back to the ground.
○ Groot continues to search in the bushes and finds another sleeping goblin.
○ Rosco starts searching the dead bodies while the rest discuss who should interrogate the goblins…



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