Tyranny of Dragons

Slurry's Song

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️
The Great Daev

Quests in Progress

• Deliver supplies for Gundren to Phandalin

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 75
Total: 75



Timeline of Events

Ches the 2nd, 1489DR
• Mid-Afternoon
○ Rosco starts searching the goblins looking for interesting things. He finds short bows and leather armor. His focus changes to the leather map case and finds it empty. He realizes he had seen it before on Gundren.
○ The Great Daev takes a look around the scene and notices there was a little bit of a struggle and there is some blood on the map case.
○ About this time, one of the goblins starts to wake up.
○ Rosco just wants to murder it, but Daev comes up with the plan to kill the other one in front of the waking goblin so as to intimidate it. Rosco complies with his wishes.
○ The goblin starts shouting at them in goblin, saying “onangiz bir poyafzal brizör edi,” while Daev tells him they won’t kill him if they take them to where their friends are.
○ Talus strides forward and kicks the goblin in the side telling him to stop talking that way to them.
○ Athena asks what the goblin said and Talus says he called her mother a boot licker.
○ Rosco stabs the goblin in the chest which doesn’t kill the goblin, but Rosco closes right in to his face and says, “you better respect us more now.” Daev pulls him away from the goblin.
○ Harbek applies a bandage to the goblin’s wound, staunching the blood flow.
○ Athena steps in front of him and attempts to persuade the goblin to be useful otherwise he may not make it to sun down.
○ The goblin grunts and then as Rosco starts to say he is not going to be helpful, the goblin says (in common), “My name is Slurry.”
○ He continues with “Leader Klarg take short stump man.” “Where? Where Slurry?” is Athena’s response.
○ “He took him, took him to cave.”
○ The Great Daev tells him to lead them to the cave. He asks for Slurry to make a map, and Slurry says, “no map, in head.”
○ Rosco asks, “So we have to open your head?” and starts to move closer to the goblin.
○ “I can lead you there, just don’t kill Slurry,” the goblin whines.
○ Rosco asks what they will find at the cave and Slurry responds with “many goblins and Klarg.”
○ Daev asks what Klarg is and Slurry says big, big man. Asked if he is human, Slurry spits and says," not human, filthy humans."
○ Slurry points off the road and says, “we go that way.”
○ The group quickly discusses their options and decide to hide the wagon just off the road in the forest and leave Hyrum to watch over it and follow the goblin to the cave.
○ They head in to the forest and find what looks to be a game trail which they follow deeper in to the forest.
○ The Great Daev starts scouting up ahead while the rest follow at a slower pace.
○ Daev notices the trail is heavily used by goblins and sees what looks to be the trail of two bodies being dragged away.
○ Athena prods the goblin forward as they head down the trail.
○ After about fifteen minutes of travel, when Daev notices a trip wire across the trail. Following the wire to its source, he notices there are snares on the trail. Daev disables the traps and heads back to the group.
○ As Daev gets back to the party, Slurry says “jin!” Talus translates that as “shit!”
○ Rosco starts prodding the goblin and asks if there is anything else they should no about. Slurry complains about the little bad man hurting him.
○ Slurry says, “no, no, nothing else.” Athena steps in front and protects the goblin from Rosco.
○ Daev heads out, but not as far ahead as before.
○ Another fifteen minutes go by and Daev notices the trail looks odd. He stops and checks the ground in front of him and thinks it was a trick of the light. He steps forward and notices the trail start to give way and so jumps back as a pit appears before him.
○ Rosco turns to Slurry and says, “I warned you goblin. You said there was nothing ahead. It’s time to lose a finger,” and he tries to get to the goblin. However, Athena gets in the way and prevents the halfling from acting on his cruel impulse.
○ Slurry says," pit always been there. Don’t hurt Slurry. Slurry be good."
○ Talus looks in the pit and finds it to just be a hole in the trail.
○ They continue for another couple of hours before they reach a cave with a small stream burbling from its mouth. On the eastern bank are a lot of brambles making it hard to see much of the eastern shore.
• Late-Afternoon
○ As they size up the cave entrance and discuss their next move, Talus notices Slurry looking around a little more than normal and warns the group. Athena gags the goblin.
○ Groot jumps the stream to the other side while Daev tries to peer through the brambles on the other side to find an alternate entrance.
○ Daev wades across the stream and the rest of the group follow after them.
○ They all make it across and are moving closer to the cave entrance when they hear rustling in the brambles and then, “Siz bu eshitdingizmi? (did you hear that?)” followed by “ha, men uni eshitdim. kimdir kelayotgan bo’lishi kerak. (ya, I heard that. must be someone coming)”
○ Talus motions to the rest of the group to be quiet.
○ The gravelly voices continue with “agar tekshirish borish (you go check)” and “yo’q tekshirish borish (no, you go check)”
○ The Great Daev and Rosco slink in to the bushes and disappears from view as one of the goblins peaks out from behind the brambles and shouts while pointing at the group and says, “meep, bu yerda to’rt yigitlarni amalga ekan (there’s four guys out here)”
○ The Great Daev moves slowly through the brambles towards the cave entrance and shoots at a goblin inside the bramble fort and takes it through the throat.
○ Talus charges the other goblin and swings his greataxe and it slams in to the ground at the goblin’s feet and the barbarian curses his god.
○ Rosco giggles in glee and fires an arrow at the goblin engaged with Talus hitting the goblin in the side. Talus looks up and notices another goblin in the cave mouth.
○ The goblin screams, “you hurt Meep” and swing wide of Talus. The other goblin closes on Talus and swings his scimitar hitting Talus’ leg.
○ Meanwhile, Athena runs up towards Talus and tells Rosco to not kill the prisoner. Reaching one of the goblin near Talus, she swings her sword at the goblin slashes it across the chest.
○ Harbek steps over near Slurry, stands on the rope binding the goblin, and then after a short prayer to the god of wanderers, a shaft of light appears near the goblin who dives out of the way.
○ Groot dashes up to the goblins and draws their attention while Daev moves to the other side of the goblins near the cave mouth and swings his short sword at the same goblin as Athena missing the nasty creature and follows that up with the dagger in the other hand hitting the goblins shield.
○ Talus gets extremely angry at his previous swing and attacks with his axe, swinging over its head.
○ Rosco pops out of the brambles again and fires an arrow into the melee striking a goblin in the forehead and dropping him.
○ Seeing the carnage in front of him, the goblin in the cave turns and flees further in to the cave. The other goblin swings at Daev and slices down his side.
○ Athena swings her longsword at the remaining goblin as he shouts, “please don’t hurt me.” She connects with his neck and blood spurts everywhere as he falls to the ground.
○ A bird chirps in a nearby tree as the group looks around waiting for the other shoe to drop…



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