Tyranny of Dragons

Water and Wolves

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️
The Great Daev

Quests in Progress

• Deliver supplies for Gundren to Phandalin

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 25
Total: 100



Timeline of Events

Ches the 2nd, 1489DR
• Late-Afternoon
○ Searching the bodies, they find some small bows and several black shafted arrows.
○ They then move back in to the brambles and rest for a bit to recover from their recent fights.
○ After the rest, Talus heads in to the dark cavern mouth and the rest of the group follow him in.
○ As he walks along the stream he notices some natural steps leading up to another small cave entrance. He looks in to the dark cave and he sees a relatively small cavern with three wolves chained to a stalagmite. Noticing Talus, the wolves start snarling and growling.
○ While Talus explains the situation to the rest of the group, Daev moves forward and attempts to calm the wolves down. It doesn’t seem to work and in fact seems to enrage them a bit more.
○ About the same time, the adventurers hear the scrape of rock on rock from further down the tunnel. Rosco plasters himself to the wall and attempts to remain hidden.
○ Daev leaves the small cave and wades across the stream to the other side.
○ Athena attempts to peer in to the cave, but is unable to see very far. She tugs on the rope which is tied to Slurry and pulls him further in to the cave.
○ In attempt to help Athena, Harbek casts light on Slurry and he starts to emit a glow which lights up the area for about twenty feet.
○ As they move a little further up the tunnel, they hear what sounds like a small rockslide.
○ Pausing for a moment to listen, they hear the rush of water from up ahead and wall of water rushes through the tunnel sweeping everything in its path.
○ Daev is able to jump in to a side passage while Athena, Rosco, and Slurry move in to the small cave with wolves. Harbek is able to grab on to the side of the tunnel as the water tries to rip him from it. Talus tries the same, but his grip is not strong enough and he is swept down the tunnel with the water and out in to the sunlight.
○ Looking back up the stream, Harbek notices a bridge over the stream chasm around the bend thirty feet ahead. He figures it is about twenty feet above the stream.
○ The wolves in the small cave are further enraged by the appearance of Rosco and Athena and they strain with all of their might on the chains. A metallic ping is heard and the iron spike holding the chain bends slightly.
○ Athena shouts, “hey guys, the wolves are getting loose,” just as the iron spike lets go and the wolves leap forward to attack.
○ Hyrum arrives at the cave just as Talus comes tumbling out of the mouth. He had looked up from his book and noticed everyone was gone. He followed the goblin trail until he came upon the cave. Seeing Talus, he knew he was in the right place.
○ Athena takes a deep breath and blows a cone of cold in to the cavern. Two of the wolvestake the brunt of the freezing cold while a third is able to leap to the side.
○ Daev looks up the escarpment and sees the tunnel heads further in to the darkness. Shaking his head, he moves back out of the western tunnel and in to the stream where he can get a shot at the wolves. Unlimbering his bow, he lets loose an arrow which streaks in to the room taking the leaping wolf in the throat. It falls to the ground dead.
○ Hyrum moves up to the cave and helps Talus up. Talus pushes him away and gets up on his own. Hyrum asks Talus what is going on and then moves further in to the cave.
○ Rosco shoots an arrow at one of the remaining wolves. The arrow strikes the wolf in the shoulder while Rosco melts back in to the shadows.
○ Talus smacks his helmet with the flat of the axe and takes a defensive stance just in case something else were to happen.
○ The two wolves finally reach Athena and attempt to bite her. One of them is able to get past her armor on her side and takes a small bite out her. As the weight of the wolf lands on her injured side, she falls to the floor with the wolf on top.
○ Harbek mumbles a prayer to his god and lays his hand on Athena’s shoulder. A warm glow spreads out over Athena and the bite on her side knits closed.
○ Athena pushes the wolf of her and gets to her feet, fending off the other wolf. She swings her sword at the wolf which landed on her and lops off its head.
○ Meanwhile, Daev fires another arrow at the other wolf and strikes it in the eye, dropping it with a yelp.
○ Between heavy breaths, Athena asks Slurry what the wolves were doing there. Slurry says, “part of the guards.”
○ Talus starts skinning the wolves to use as some sort of covering.
○ Rosco asks about any other guards. “I don’t know. They seem to be gone,” is Slurry’s response.
○ Rosco asks what is usually there while Daev asks Rosco to ask him what is further up the tunnel and Harbek asks him to make a map of the place.
○ “You no hurt me,” asks a cautious Slurry. “Of course not,” Athena responds. “I’m protecting you now.”
○ He nods and draws a crude map on the floor of the cavern next to one of the dead wolves.
○ Talus takes some of the wolf blood and uses it as war paint.
○ Athena says, “Can we agree to not kill Slurry now.” She gazes around at her companions. Rosco shakes his head, “I agree to nothing.” Athena glares at him.
○ Athena moves the rope from Slurry’s hands to his waist.
○ The group discusses the merits of this move for a moment before Daev convinces the group to climb up the escarpment to the west.
○ Daev and Talus head over there and climb up the escarpment. As Harbek is about to climb up the escarpment, they hear another crashing of rocks from up the tunnel. Harbek quickly climbs up the escarpment.
○ As Hyrum rushes across the stream to try to get to the escarpment, another wall of water comes rushing through the tunnel from the north. He leaps in to the cave on the side as the water flashes past.
○ Athena, Rosco, and Slurry cross over the stream and head up to the escarpment. They start climbing up the escarpment as Talus moves further down the tunnel.
○ Talus finds a T-intersection and heads to the left where he finds large cavern split in two by another ten foot cliff. The air is filled with the pungent odor of wood smoke and unwashed goblin bodies and he notices several sitting around a fire near a steep set of natural stairs leading up to the top of the cliff.
○ Everyone reaches the top of the cliff and heads down the tunnel to the T-intersection. What to do about the goblins in the smoke filled cave…



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