Tyranny of Dragons

Storming the Castle

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Find Cragmaw Castle and rescue Gundren.
• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 50
Total: 1300



Timeline of Events

Ches the 21st, 1489DR
• Mid-day
○ The heroes head in to the room and Ogapo looks through the rotted crates and barrels.
○ After looking about the ruined room for a bit, Ogapo heads over to the door in the east and listens. Here hears some very faint voices. He then tries the door and determines it to be unlocked.
○ Talus looks through the canvas to the south and sees a dimly lit corridor beyond which is also ruined.
○ Talus pushes the curtain aside and heads in to the dimly lit hall where he discovers two doors, one to the east and one to the west.
○ Ogapo opens the door in the first room and the invisible Mr. Noodle slips through before he closes it again.
○ Mr. Noodle wanders a small corridor where he finds another door to the east and a curtain to the south. Mr. Noodle returns to Ogapo.
○ The party starts discussing which way to go. They finally decide to split up with Talus, Harbek, and Ogapo heading through the canvas and Athena, Hyrum, and Findis heading through the door.
○ Athena opens the door Mr. Noodle had scouted through and heads through with the his goblins.
○ Ogapo keeps an open telepathic link to Athena.
○ Athena listens at the door and hears two voices in heated discussion. The growling voice is demanding payment for something while the other voice is a silky female voice mentioning something about changing the deal.
○ Athena asks Droop who’s room is beyond the door. Droop looks around furtively and then says in a whisper, “That’s the Kings room. Don’t go in there.”
○ Meanwhile, the other group had headed south into the dimly lit hallway. Talus listened at the eastern door and heard occasional movement beyond the door.
○ Talus opens the door and surprises three hobgoblin guards who start grabbing for their weapons.
○ Athena hears a faint shout beyond the curtain to south. Athena moves to the curtain and looks through seeing the hobgoblins who are staring to the west. Athena tells the goblins to stay back for the time being.
○ Ogapo moves within sight of the hobgoblins and then hexes the nearest one and his eldritch blast sails wide of the mark.
○ Hyrum moves near Athena and inquires as to the situation. The goblins move back in front of the king’s door. Hyrum casts sleep on the hobgoblins causing two of them to collapse in slumber.
○ Talus rushes forward and attacks the lone standing hobgoblin and the hobgoblin as able to get his shield in the way just in time.
○ Harbek then moves forward and attacks the hobgoblin as well. The hobgoblin is able to dodge to the side.
○ Meanwhile, Findis came back around from the original ruined room to the dimly lit corridor and in to the room. She fires her longbow at the hobgoblin and hits him in the shoulder.
○ Athena strides forward and slams her sword through one of the sleeping hobgoblins putting him in to permanent sleep.
○ Ogapo moves to the side and blasts the lone hobgoblin with the power of Pastameatballoth blasting a small hole in his neck.
○ Hyrum again listens at the King’s door and hears the gruff voice say, “I’m not just giving it up, you’re going to have to pay for it.”
○ At the same time, Talus swings his greataxe down and severs the head of the sleeping hobgoblin from its body.
○ Athena searches the bodies and finds they have chain mail and shields along with longswords and longbows.
○ Looking around the room, they notice a barred door to the south and some sleeping pallets on the east wall.
○ Talus looks out the arrow slit which looks out in to the forest.
○ Athena tells the other three about the room behind them being the king’s room. They head over to listen at the door. “Wait, did you hear that,” says the female voice.
○ The group immediately moves behind the curtain to the south. Ogapo sends Mr. Noodle in to the hall.
○ After a short time, a huge, greying bugbear with heavy armor opens the door and looks around in the hall. He shouts, “Targas, was that you guys?”
○ Ogapo convinces Droop to tell them something.
○ Droop says in goblin, “Um… it’s ok,” in a high pitched voice. “I’m just. Uh.. Um.. I’m just helping Targas he seems to uh.. have fallen over in his armor.”
○ Mr. Noodle notices the bugbear starts heading towards the curtain. He also notices a dark-skinned female woman with pointed ears.
○ Athena heads over to stand in front of the curtain as the bugbear raises a hand to open the curtain…



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