Tyranny of Dragons

The Road to Dragonspear

Along the Trade Way



Quests In Progress

• Find the sister of Darros
• Gain information about the Cult of the Dragon

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


• Small vial of troll’s blood

Timeline of Events

Tarsakh the 3rd, 1489DR
• Mid-Afternoon
○ Looking over the dirty, wet paper, Harry takes it and with a little bit of magic dries out the paper.
○ Rosco then takes over and utilizing some of the liquids from his pack is able to enhance the lettering on the page, but he is unable to read it.
○ As Harry says he has a ritual to be able to read any language and starts to prepare it as Athena recognizes the language as that of her kind and is able to read it. It says, “Our men are gathering south of Dragonspear. We march on Greenest within the week. Cyanwrath,” and is dated a little over a week ago.
○ Harry looks a bit crestfallen that he is unable to use his ritual to help out his friends.
○ Rosco suggests it’s too late to find those people as they’ve probably already marched, but Ashwick looks a little concerned.
○ Athena asks if anyone knows anything about Dragonspear? More specifically if there are any dragons there. Ashwick lets her know it is a small human city about the same size as Daggerford.
○ Ashwick lets the group know that Greenest is about 2 days by horseback from Dragonspear and they are about five days by horseback from Dragonspear now.
○ Discussing their options, the group decides to head south out of Daggerford following the trail of both the cultists and the slavers.
○ Heading back out of the gates, the adventurers make their way on to the Trade Way and continue south.
○ Ashwick is able to discern the wagon tracks of a small caravan of wagons and corresponding waling guardsmen. Assuming this to be the slaver’s caravan, the group follows it south.
• Evening
○ After passing several farmers heading towards Daggerford and the occasional farmstead and thorp, the adventurers finally stop for the night and set up camp off the road.
○ Rosco starts the watches and is able to get some time working on items for his craft before waking Ashwick.
○ Ashwick takes note of the first quarter phase of Selune before settling down to his watch. He eventually wakes Talus.
○ Talus sits with his back to the fire and watches until morning.
Tarsakh the 4th, 1489DR
• Day
○ The group wakes to a foggy morning which burns off to a partly cloudy day.
○ Ashwick is able to pick back up the trail of the wagons they were following and they continue on.
○ They continue to meet fewer and fewer farmers and eventually thorps turn in to single farmsteads.
○ About mid-day they encountered a Daggerford patrol heading north and other than the single farmer here and there, they meet no else the rest of the day.
• Night
○ Another night of camping by the road goes by without incident.
Tarsakh the 5th, 1489DR
• Day
○ The group wakes to crisp clear morning and notice the forest which had been quite a bit off the road starting to encroach upon it.
○ Ashwick continues to track the trail of the wagons and they move out again.
○ The road is rather lonely as the forest closes in near the road. It never gets any closer than about forty feet or so and it is obvious someone or something continues to keep the area clear near the road.
○ They travel for most of the day without interruption seeing no one else on the road itself.
○ As they near the evening and start to think about finding a place to camp, they notice the sounds of the forest are subdued.
○ As they slow up, a roar shatters the stillness as a large male troll and his mate charge from the forest on the right side of the road.
○ Harry is the first to react and maneuvers himself around the road, gathers magic from the Weave, and shouts ‘strela’. A bolt of electricity leaps from his outstretched hands. The troll dodges to the side, but still seems to get blasted by the nearness of the bolt as it passes.
○ The two trolls continue their headlong charge towards the party. The male troll closes on Athena and Slurry while the female reaches Darros. She swipes two claws across his torso and then bites down on his neck. He crumples to the ground unconscious.
○ As the trolls are making their charge, Rosco maneuvers his slightly panicky pony to the left side of the road. He unlimbers his bow and shoots at the female troll. The arrow strikes the troll in the shoulder causing a flesh wound.
○ As the arrow embeds itself in to the shoulder of the troll, Ashwick chants ‘haere mai nakahi mai nui’ and a huge constrictor snake coalesces behind the female troll. Ashwick then snaps his fingers and transforms in to a polar bear.
○ Meanwhile, Slurry pulls out his small bow and shoots at the male troll. The small black fletched arrow strikes the troll in the side leaving a small trail of blood. At the same time, Athena maneuvers her trusty steed to the side where it rears up on its hide legs and strikes out with its hooves at the male troll. The iron shod hooves strike the troll for little effect.
○ As the horse drops down, Athena concentrates on the holy symbol of Torm and a glow suffuses her weapon. She uses the momentum of the horse to strike out with her sword bringing it down on to the shoulder of the troll where it bites in deeply. The troll grabs at the sword and attempts to wrestle it away from the Athena, but she is able to hold on to it.
○ Harry has continued to move his pony towards the side of the road while trying to think of anything trolls might be scared of. Unfortunately nothing comes to mind, but as he his attention comes back to the fight again he realizes the two trolls are nicely lined up. He gathers the magic from the Weave, shouts ‘strela’ again, and another bolt of lightning streaks from his outstretched hand striking the female troll and causing her to glow and sizzle. The male troll moves almost unnaturally fast and is able to avoid a direct hit.
○ The female troll’s blackened skin crackles and falls away revealing freshly healed skin behind it. At the same time she shrugs off the taser-like effect of the lightning bolt and turns on the huge snake behind her striking out with her claws.
○ The blood flow from the wound in the shoulder of her mate slows to a trickle as it seems to regenerate right before Athena’s eyes. Distracted by the site, Athena almost doesn’t get out of the way as the troll swings its claws at her. She is able to block that attack and drive the troll’s bite into its own arm.
○ Meanwhile, Rosco continues to shoot arrows at the female troll. Taking his time, he is able to fire an arrow in to the troll’s spine. She arches back in pain as the constrictor snake wraps around her and starts squeezing.
○ Polar bear Ashwick charges forward to the male troll and attacks him. He snaps his teeth at the troll who is able to dodge back right in to the claw swipe from the bear as another arrow from Slurry sails wide of the troll.
○ As the bear takes the attention off of her, Athena again concentrates on her holy symbol and makes a silent prayer to Torm. Her god hears her supplication and again her weapon glows with a radiant energy. She swings her sword at the troll who ducks under the first swing. Caught off balance, her return swing is rather feeble and again misses as her warhorse rears up again and strikes out with its hooves. The iron strikes the troll in the chest causing it to gasp.
○ Since the trolls have been unable to move being engaged on multiple fronts, Harry gathers in the magic from the Weave yet again, shouts the magic word, ‘strela’, and another bolt of pure electricity flows from his outstretched hand striking the immobilized female troll and constrictor snake while the male troll is again able to dodge out of the way in time. Harry is left with a small headache at the exertion. Electrical energy arcs back and forth from the snake and the troll and with a shudder, the female troll goes limp.
○ The male troll shouts in anguish and renews his assault on both Athena and Ashwick missing with his bite on Athena, but connecting with the claws on Ashwick. As the female troll twitches before breaking the hold the snake has upon her.
○ As she revels in her new found freedom, another arrow embeds itself in the back of her neck courtesy of Rosco. Her eyes roll up and she drops to the ground again.
○ Realizing these trolls can only be killed via fire, Ashwick moves to the female troll, avoiding an attack from the male as his claw enter his mouth which clamps down on the trolls hand. Reaching the female troll, Ashwick shifts back to his normal gnome form, chants ‘homai ki ahau mura’ and a blade of flame appears in his hands as the huge constrictor snake disappears in to motes of light. He strikes down with the flaming scimitar on to the comatose troll severing its head and starting the corpse on fire.
○ Slurry fires yet another arrow and hits the male troll in the side while Athena swings her glowing blade at the head of the troll shattering its jaw causing him to collapse.
○ Athena then drops off the horse as a bolt of fire flies past the body of the troll. Harry had unleashed the spell, but it sailed wide of its mark.
○ The troll’s jaw knits back together as the troll rises again swinging his claws at Athena. They make a screeching sound as they clatter across her armor.
○ Rosco fires yet another arrow at the male troll which strikes it through the eye and in to the brain.
○ As the troll falls to the ground, Ashwick whilrls, strides forward and attempts to strike the troll, but swings wide.
○ At the same time, Athena moves to the side of Darros. Calling upon the mercy of Torm, she channels his power into the unconscious man healing his wounds closed.
○ Harry strides forward, gathers magic from the Weave, chants ‘roke plamena’ and flame leaps from his fingers in an arc starting the troll on fire.
○ Rosco hurries forward and is able to extract a small amount of the trolls blood before the flame makes it unviable. Discussing it with Ashwick, they believe they might be able to make some kind of potion of healing from the blood.
○ The adventurers stand over two large flaming corpses peering in to the darkening forest wondering if there are any more trolls…



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