Tyranny of Dragons

Wave Echo Cave

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests In Progress

• Mirna’s Heirloom
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Help Gundren explore Wave Echo Cave

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 35
Total: 2250

Iron strongbox

Timeline of Events

Ches the 23rd, 1489DR
• Mid-Afternoon
○ While Gundren is grieving over his brother, Talus “respectfully” examines the body for things that might be “out of the ordinary.” He finds the boots to be intriguing.
○ Meanwhile, Rosco starts investigating the area around the body to determine what killed Tharden. He determines the dwarfs neck was broken.
○ They find some indication of tracks leadings to the rope.
○ The adventurers help Gundren take the time to make a cairn for Tharden outside of the cave. Gundren says a few words for his brother and Harbek blesses the area with the grace of Marthammor Duin. They are then ready to explore the cavern system.
• Late Afternoon
○ They head back in to the cavern and Harbek casts a light on a pebble and throws it in to the collapsed area.
○ Ogapo sends down Noodle and he checks the tunnels. He reports back there are some built structures to the north and some more rough-hewn tunnels to the east.
○ The group climbs down the rope in to the pit. Rosco looks for tracks to see if he can see which direction they headed. Unfortunately, he can’t find the trail.
○ About that time, they hear a large “whump” coming from the tunnels. It echoes and reverberates in the tunnels. This sounds seems to happen about every five minutes.
○ The group discusses the two options and decide to head down the eastern tunnel. The follow the tunnel until I enters a natural thirty-foot-high cavern. The walls are carved with simple reliefs showing dwarf and gnome miners hard at work. There are nearly two dozen skeletons in rusted scraps of armor scattered across the floor. Some are dwarven while others are orc remains. Several brass lanterns stand in niches on the ledges around the cavern, but none are lit.
○ As they are looking around the cavern, they hear a light fluttering from the ceiling as several stirges swoop down and attack.
○ Rosco leaps in to action and fires an arrow in to the flock hitting one of them which explodes in to bloody gore. The rest of the flock swerve to avoid the bits, but keep coming.
○ Athena moves forward while she takes a deep breath. She stops and exhales a burst of cold air freezing two of the stirges while the rest wheel about and avoid the brunt of the cold.
○ Several of the stirges land on Athena and attempt to embed their probiscis in her. Four of the six are able to do just that and start to suck the blood from her. Another harries Talus and is unable to penetrate his hide armor.
○ Athena is quite alarmed that so many of the creatures were able to find chinks in her armor and she starts beating at them with her hands, but is unable to dislodge them immediately.
○ Droop rushes forward to help Athena and pulls one of the stirges off of Athena. He holds it at arms-length while it tries to fly away.
○ Talus swings wildly with his greataxe at the stirge and misses.
○ Harbek mumbles a prayer to his god and channels the divinity of his god. Athena’s skin glows a bit and several of her wounds knit together.
○ As he moves forward, Harbek intones a chant and the spiritual bindle appears and strikes at one of the stirges on Athena. It splatters the stirge against Athena’s armor and blood spurts everywhere.
○ At the same time Ogapo rushes forward and chants ‘kṣudra pēluḍu’ and a bolt of eldritch energy strikes one of the stirges on Athena which then explodes in gore and blood.
○ Rosco drops his bow and throws two daggers at the stirges and they both sail wide and clatter in the darkness.
○ Athena pulls out the remaining stirge before it has sucked too much blood.
○ The stirges wheel about and attempt to land and embed their noses in Athena again. One of the stirges are successful while the other two slam in to Athena’s armor.
○ The stirge Droop is holding attempts to bite him and is unable to reach him. The last stirge does a dive bomb on Talus and strikes him in the side of the neck, where it settles in to suck the blood from the barbarian.
○ Talus slices at the stirge on his neck and is able to pop it. Blood explodes everywhere as he moves forward and reaches Droop.
○ Harbek swings his hammer at the stirge in front of him. It slams in to the stirge which explodes in a mist of blood and gore. Harbek’s spiritual bindle then swings at a stirge near Athena, but it swings wide.
○ Ogapo pulls the stirge off of Athena.
○ Rosco picks up his bow and skitters behind some people before shooting an arrow at a stirge. The arrow plunges through its thorax and it falls to the ground dead.
○ Athena swings her sword at a stirge and connects spraying blood everywhere as she slices it in twain.
○ Droop swings at the stirge in Ogapo’s hands with his ladle and is able to crush it.
○ With the stirge menace defeated, Athena prays to her patron saint and her wounds knit back together.
○ Talus asks Gundren what this area is. Gundren says this is probably the main entrance. He says there was a battle here where the dwarves tried to fend of the orc hordes. He explains that the tunnel leading to the south is where the main doors to the mine would have been and that it was collapsed on purpose to try to keep the orcs from utilizing the mines for evil purposes.
○ Talus looks down the southern hallway and comes upon a small crossroads on the other side of which is a collapsed hall.
○ He and Ogapo head down the hall and find the crossroads are very short with doors on either side (east and west). He asks Gundren about the doors and if he knows what they might be. Gundren has heard nothing about what was at the entrance to the mine, so impatient Talus opens the door to the east.
○ Inside he finds a chamber which was once an office or storeroom of some kind. A large stone counter bisects the room, set with three dusty balance scales made of iron. Cubby holes carved in to the north walls are stuffed with dusty paper scraps. There are several long-dead corpses in the room.
○ Talus searches the room and finds an iron strong box behind the counter…



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