Tyranny of Dragons

Zombie Hordes Away!

Mines of Phandelver


Athena ❤️

Quests in Progress

• Orc Trouble
• Finding Cragmaw Castle

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 125
Total: 1225


one pearl
vial of dark blue liquid
scroll in a bone tube
tiny jeweled box containing a ring

Timeline of Events

Ches the 14th, 1489DR
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After discussing their destruction of the orc encampment with the necromancer, Ogapo felt they were getting a raw deal and so decided to attack the necromancer.
○ Caught off guard by the abrupt assault, the wizard went down quickly releasing the zombies from his command.
○ As the zombies poured out of the crumbled tower, the adventurers prepared their defense.
○ Tallus and Athena strode forward to meet them with Tallus entering a frenzied rage. Athena stepped in front of him after his first blow and engulfed several zombies with her cone of cold.
○ Meanwhile, Rosco continued his murderous ways by firing arrows at the various zombies from behind the low crumbling wall.
○ Harbek brought forth his spiritual weapon, the holy bindle, and started attacking zombies on the other side of the tent.
○ Ogapo used his hex and eldritch blast to attack various zombies from afar, keeping a wide berth from the melee fighting.
○ As the battle raged, Harbek got a little too close to the melee for his liking and called upon his god to turn the undead from him. This caused a large number of the zombies to flee away from him allowing him to get to safety.
○ Ogapo’s familiar, Mr. Noodle, roamed the battlefield invisibly until it seemed like the battle was in hand at which time he entered the necromancer’s tent and started to the search the desk and trunk.
○ As Athena and Tallus took out the zombies on one side, Ogapo, Harbek, and Rosco took care of the rest on the other side.
○ Meanwhile, Mr. Noodle had discovered a leather bag filled with treasure (see above) which he brought to Ogapo’s attention.
○ Our heroes prevailed with very little damage and a new found confidence in their ability to destroy zombies.
○ The battle won, the adventurers take a short rest. During this rest Athena provides the goblins with an ultimatum to help or else.
○ Droop immediately says he will do all he can while Slurry promises to help where he can. To show his good faith, Slurry tells Athena that Droop knows where Cragmaw Castle is.
○ Speaking with Droop, he provides directions on how to get there from the town.
○ Where will our adventurers head now…



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