Tag: NPC


  • Gundren Rockseeker

    Gundren hails from Silverhold in the North. He has come to Phandalin in search of a lost mine called Wave Echo Cave. Gundren had previously met with the adventures at the Whistling Wench Inn in Neverwinter where he hired them to guard a wagon of …

  • Sildar Hallwinter

    Sildar hails from the city of Neverwinter where he was a member of the city guard until his retirement several years ago. Sildar was escorting [[:gundren-rockseeker | Gundren Rockseeker]] to Phandalin when they were ambushed by several goblins. Taken to …

  • Yeemak

    Yeemak was the second-in-command of the Cragmaw goblins in their cavern hideout. The adventurers found him holding Sildar prisoner and eventually killed him.

  • Klarg

    Klarg was the leader of the Cragmaw outpost near Phandalin. The heroes were able to defeat him after getting some information about his strengths from [[:slurry | Slurry]] and [[:yeemak | Yeemak]].