Hoard of the Dragon Queen

After freeing Gundren from the Cragmaw Goblins and helping his brother Nundro reclaim Wave Echo Cave for the Rockseeker clan (Gundren was lost while exploring the cave for his brother), the adventurers returned to Phandalin with the Black Spider captive. Owing a debt to Findiss, they met at Thundertree to track down a dragon and discovered several cultists also looking for the dragon. Unable to chase the dragon off, they returned to Phandalin to find the Black Spider had been broken out of prison and was heading south. They quickly set out after the evil drow…


Investigations | Leilon | Herbalists and Sages
On the High Seas

Mines of Phandelver – Recap

dnd5e2.jpgOur intrepid adventurers have left the relative safety of Neverwinter to deliver some goods for one Gundren Rockseeker, cousin of Harbek. What adventures might come their way…


(Note: Updates of old summaries are still in progress)

On the Triboar Trail | Slurry’s Song | Water and Wolves
Session 4 | Session 5 | Session 6
Session 7 | Session 8 | Session 9
Session 10 | Session 11 | Session 12
Session 13 | Session 14 | Session 15
Session 16 | Session 17 | Zombie Hordes Away!
Business Around Town | New Allies and Restless Spirits | Storming the Castle
Let’s Start At The End | Droop, Is That You? | Interrogation
Never Split Up The Party | Are We Done Yet? | Altar of Evil
Perfect Ambush! | Owlbear Surprise! | Wave Echo Cave
Session 31 | Session 32 | Session 33
Session 34 | Session 35 | Session 36
Session 37 | Session 38 | Session 39
Session 40 | Session 41 | Session 42
Session 43 | Session 44 | Session 45
Session 46 | Session 47 | Session 48
Session 49 | Session 50 | Session 51
Session 52 | Changes


Tyranny of Dragons

The first Epic Adventures campaign started with the D&D 5E Starter Set adventure, Mines of Phandelver. Since everyone seems to be having a good time, this starter adventure will lead in to the greater adventure of the Tyranny of Dragons. What is the Tyranny of Dragons? Only time will tell…

About Epic Adventures

The Epic Adventures campaign site details the weekly escapades of adventurers from Epic Games. What started out as a group trying out the new D&D 5E rules over lunch has turned in to a semi-weekly lunch session of mayhem. Set in the default D&D setting of the Forgotten Realms, we’ll see what trouble this group of artists, designers, engineers and project managers (but mostly engineers) can get in to.

Tyranny of Dragons

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