Tyranny of Dragons

Kincaid's Warehouse Aftermath

Hoard of the Dragon Queen



Quests In Progress

• Track down the Black Spider
• Determine more about the clan totem of Talus
• Find the elf captain.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: TBD
Total: TBD



Timeline of Events

Date TBD, 1489DR
• Evening
○ The centipede moves around the bad guy to the other side of Talus. The thug swings at it, but misses as it passes.
○ Ratchet fires his hand crossbow and a blue light streaks toward the big guy and misses wide.
○ Thinking better of what is going on, the ring leader turns and runs back out to the other room where he sees his men moving to the back corner while Athena and Harbek are picking up their weapons.
○ Slurry comes in to the warehouse to provide backup to Athena.
○ Talus follows the ring leader in to the back room and swings his axe at the man, missing on his first swing, but on the return swing he slashes him across the chest.
○ The centipede continues to follow the ring leader while Harbek steps over and smacks him with his axe drawing a slice down his side. This is followed up with his spiritual weapon smacking him in the back of the head dropping him to the floor.
○ Rosco comes in to the room while Talus heads over to the prisoners and tells them, “the first one who tells me who their leader is lives.” All of the prisoners simultaneously point at the guy who just dropped to the floor.
○ Seeing these guys being relatively helpful, he starts questioning them about their operation. They mention extortion and racketeering before clamming up. At that point, Talus smacks one of them.
○ Meanwhile, Rosco starts looking through the pockets of the guy on the floor under Harbek’s watchful eye. He finds a pouch full of money and puts it in his pocket after Harbek says, “party money.”
○ He then moves on to looking at the crates in the building. They have many different merchant marks on different items. None of which he recognizes.
○ As he pries open one with a crowbar, Talus gets frustrated with the questioning of the underlings and stomps away.
○ Pulling a bottle of wine out of the crate, Rosco heads over to the underlings and starts talking with them. He is able to get one of them to start spilling after Talus knocks one out.
○ They learn the gang is run by a tall swarthy man from the south. He wears an eye patch and carries a scimitar. Rosco also discovers the group has a safe house on the other end of the docks. Lastly, he learns the guy he had been following earlier in the day was out “on a job.”
○ Feeling that was all he was going to get, he has Athena pull the ring leader in to the back room and closes the door.
○ They wake up the ring leader and start asking him questions, first about the gang, and then about where the other guy was going. Initially, the ring leader, Adam, held out especially when he is offered a potential deal for the information.
○ Rosco gets impatient and has Athena pull the guy up on to the table where Adam protests about paladins not condoning this.
○ Adam gives up the ghost and tells them about their leader Kincaid. He describes the same guy as the underling outside, but adds information about several daggers on his chest, one which contains a shriveled eye. He says the other guy Rosco followed is out teaching those who wouldn’t pay a lesson. A lesson with fire.
○ They pull him out with the rest of the thugs and Rosco tells them to stop their protection business or they will be back to finish them off.
○ With that, they head back out into the night.
• Harris and Ashwick
○ Meanwhile, Harris the halfling wizards and Ashwick the gnome druid have been traveling with a caravan for the last three days from Leilon. Harris to find adventure and Ashwick to head south to look in to the rumors of trouble near his home village of Greenest that have reached his ears in the north.
○ They joined up with a caravan of three wagons flying the sigil of Hawkwinter for mutual protection in the wilds of the High Road north of Waterdeep. All three wagons were covered, but the canvas was thrown back on them all, showing several crates on each.
○ As they headed south the first day, they seemed to take an extraordinarily long lunch and after that the third wagon’s canvas was closed. While the other two were initially closed as well, they eventually re-opened in the heat of the day, but the third remained closed.
○ Intrigued by this change, Ashwick attempted to investigate, but was stopped by a guard who suggested the wagon was none of his concern.
○ Over the next two days, any time Ashwick tried to get close to this fully enclosed wagon, a guard would just seemingly appear out of nowhere. While not trying to look inside this wagon, he was able to talk with Harris and they go to know one another, although Harry’s naiveté seem to annoy Ashwick after a time.
○ As they approached Waterdeep on the third day, the night fell and they pushed on. Thinking nothing of it other than they wanted to get to Waterdeep for protection, Ashwick found it odd when they turned off the High Road and headed around Waterdeep.
○ Asking about the detour, he was told they were entering the South Gate. The tone implied this was normal, but the body language seemed more tense.
○ Reaching the South Gate, they stop before the closed gates. One of the merchants heads over to the man-sized gate in the wall and a guard comes out. They talk for a while before the merchant hands him a small pouch and a couple of coins.
○ The gate opens and the caravan heads through and down the main thoroughfare . After about twenty minutes, the wagon Ashwick and Harris are walking beside continues on the main street heading north, but the strange wagon breaks off and heads to the west.
○ Curiosity getting the better of them, Ashwick and Harris pad softly behind the odd wagon until Ashwick knocks over a pail.
○ Harris is able to pull them both in a doorway as one of the guards looks back for a moment before the wagon continues on down the street.
○ Following some back streets for about thirty minutes, the wagon and our two curious adventurers make it to the warehouse district on the docks. The wagon pulls up to a rather large warehouse and after a few words the doors open and the wagon goes inside.
○ Ashwick and Harris make it to the doors and are trying to figure out a way to look inside when they hear horse hooves on the cobblestone coming their way. They duck to the side of the warehouse and attempt to hide amongst some broken crates.
○ Coming from the dock side of the streets is an armored woman on a white horse. Surrounding her, they see a huge half-orc, a half-elf wearing ill-fitting clothes, a dwarf carrying an axe, and a small humanoid in cloak.
○ The horse stops near their hiding place, and the woman, who they can now tell is a white dragonborn, says, “kids, you might want to move along , there’s going to be trouble soon.”
○ Bristling at being called a kid, Ashwick stands up to say something, but his companion beats him to the punch, telling these strangers all he knows about the warehouse behind him…



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